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Does your club need a BBO Director?

Congratulations, you now you have an online bridge club!   Now you need a BBO director.  You can learn how (see below), but keep in mind, in our current situation, while sheltered-in-place, you may have plenty of extra time to execute this new task. However, soon enough, the novelty of directing online will pass and it will be one more work-related responsibility.  What happens ATV (after the virus)?  How will you manage both a face-to-face club, teaching, directing and a BBO club?

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Hire our us to direct your games! 

Let us make this process easier for you.  Our pricing is competitive, our directors are knowledgable and fair, and we are happy to work for you.   Contact us to discuss pricing and scheduling.

Did you want to become a BBO Director for your bridge club and need training?

As a new online club manager/director, the ACBL recommends you watch a video on how to direct, prepared by Silvana Morici.  Even better, join her for one of her "Live! Over-the-shoulder BBO Directing training" sessions which are held every week for just $10.


She will introduce you to the BBO TD Desk, show you the ropes, teach you the tools and answer all of your questions. Learn great hacks, tricks and critical 911 issues and how to address them.

Email Silvana for a copy of her FREE video (include your club sanction # or your ACBl# for verification) and look here for upcoming Live! sessions schedules.

Are you an ACBL director and want to be on our BBO Directing team?

Our team is expanding and we need you!  


It is the perfect job for anyone who already directs and wants to make some extra money.  Make It your full-time job, or part-time job;  we offer flexibility.  

Interested?  Email us

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