Play in ALLIANCE's daily 1:30pmEDT/10:30amPDT 0-99er game and then join us for a postgame review of the hands with these links:


08/05 Strong 2 Clubs

07/29 4th Suit Forcing

08/05 Strong 2 Clubs

9/9 Leads against suit contracts

9/16 Leads against NT contracts

9/23 Confusing 2NT

9/30 Jacoby 2NT

10/7 Splinter

10/14 CrossRuffing

10/21 Pass, Bid or Double

10/28 Losing Trick Count LTC

11/04 Discards

11/11 How to know when to cash tricks and when to wait when you are defending

11/18 Counting  distribution of the opponents hands

11/25 Gerber

12/2 Theory of Competitive Bidding

12/9 Reverse by Opener

12/16 Cuebids Limit Raise

Wednesdays 11:00-12:00 using ZOOM

With each class you will receive notes and quiz before the class and a zoom recording of our lesson $20 per class. To register use this link

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