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  • You did not play at one of the Alliance Bridge Clubs in the last 365 days.  The Acbl does not allow other clubs' players to play in private club games. You can play in your home club's games or the ACBL Support Your Club games under ACBL WORLD at 10am, 5:10pm, and 7pm EDT.

  • When you logged into BBO, you checked invisible.  This makes you unrecognizable.  Log off and come back after you uncheck invisible. 

  • You do not have your ACBL# registered on BBO.  To fix this, log on, click on ACBL WORLD, then choose UPDATE MY ACBL# and enter your number and UPDATE.  Then, log off and log back on to BBO.

  • Your name was missed by the ACBL when they loaded our approved player list.  If everything above is in order, this is the easiest fix.  Call your home club manager to remedy this.  If you are not sure if this is your reason, email and place your BBO ID name, EXACTLY as It is written, in the subject line.  Not your real name, not your acbl#, not "I need help", etc.  These emails will be handled as priority.

  • If you are STILL blocked, it may be your partner.  Make sure your partner runs down this list and gets everything in order, too.

Helpful Hints

  • Use Version 3 of BBO.  If you are playing on a smartphone or tablet on the App, update it, so you have the latest version.  If you are playing on a computer or laptop, use our link here to get to BBO V.3

  • Do not use INTERNET EXPLORER as your web browser.  Chrome is recommended by BBO.  Chromium, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge seem to work fine

  • Do not use APPLE PAY to buy you BB$.  They charge a 30% fee.  Use this link to buy your BB$ at no additional charge.

  • Register early and come back later.  You can find each game in the list 2-hours before the start times.  You can register and log off of BBO and it will hold your spot until you come back to play (try to return at least 10 minutes before.  


BBO Tutorial

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